Decentering Whiteness Discussion Series



Our first Decentering Whiteness reading group, in 2020/21, used Achille Mbembe’s (2019) Necropolity as a lens to understand modern racialized state structures. Since then, we have continued to work to understand how race is institutionalized in our school and lives. In this second season, we build on this work by exploring how colonial histories structure our racialized present to center whiteness. As in season one, our last two sessions look towards decentered futures.


To deepen our understanding of racism and anti-racism.

Attendee Participation

  • Participants should read the “Reading Selection” prior to the session. They are also encouraged to listen to the suggested musicians, and view the suggested art and film materials.
  • Participants can sign up to share their thoughts regarding the secondary readings suggested for each session by emailing
  • Participants can share additional readings, music, poetry, art or films of their own that help to deepen the discussion and experience.

Sessions begin by reviewing the key themes and arguments of the main reading selection, followed by an exploration of the secondary reading materials. Finally, we’ll look at (and share) music, poetry, art and film that intersects and deepens our awareness and understanding of racism and anti-racism. Guest facilitators offer perspectives from community-based organizations and insights regarding different forms of social engagement.


George Kanavos and Andrew Schofield are Vancouver School Board (VSB) employees.  Both are white male settlers who are interested in looking at theoretical and organizational aspects to antiracist work, with the hopes of identifying their own racist practices, working towards unlearning these practices and contributing to building an anti-racist learning environment for their colleagues and students. They feel they are both in extremely privileged positions of power.  George and Andrew work together at Magee Secondary.  George is a counsellor and member of the Vancouver Secondary Teacher’s Association (VSTA) Magee site structure. Andrew is the Principal of the school and current chair of the Vancouver Association of Secondary School Administrators (VASSA).


Where: Online via Zoom
Next session: Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Topics: Wide range of topics surrounding racism and anti-racism
Cost: FREE

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Readings and Facilitators

SessionsFacilitatorReading SelectionAuthorDateTimeRegister
OverviewAlpha Kirabira: Help change my cityExterminate all the brutes (1996). London: New Press.

More Resources
Lindqvist, S.Wednesday, October 12, 20224:00pm - 5:30pm
White supremacy and anti-blacknessVince Tao, Vancouver Tenant’s Union and VANDUInglorious Empire: What the British did to India (2017). London: Penguin

More Resources
Tharoor, S.Wednesday, December 14, 2022
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Indigenous experienceGlenn Coulthard/Dene land schools Red Skin, White Masks (2014). Dancing on our turtle’s back (2011).

More Resources
Coulthard, G.

Simpson, L.B.
Wednesday, January 18, 20234:00pm - 5:30pm
Islamophobia and anti-racismImam Marwan LarbesOrientalism (1978).

More Resources
Said, E. Wednesday, February 15, 20234:00pm - 5:30pm
IntersectionsJennifer ReddyThe Climate of History in a Planetary Age (2021).

More Resources
Chakrabarty, D.Wednesday, April 19, 20234:00pm - 5:30pm
PathwaysTBAReclaiming the Commons (2020).

More Resources
Shiva, V.Wednesday, May 17, 20234:00pm - 5:30pm