Unreal 5 Cinematics

This high school series will delve into creating a short movie in Unreal Engine.  In these tutorials we will be learning everything from  installing the engine to packaging our movie clip and all the basics of how to use this amazing 3D game design engine to create a short cinematic. We will build your confidence up from scratch as you begin to learn how to create any environment you wish, learn how to model your own props and finally run a camera through your scene to create  a short clip.  This course is aimed at high school teachers in all subject areas who are looking at branching out into new areas of learning and discovering the power of developing in 3D.  Game design is the new literacy and through this short series you will be equipped with enough tools to bring this exciting multimodal learning experience to your class no matter the subject you are teaching.


Tutorial 1:


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Tutorial 1


Tutorial 2:



Tutorial 3


Tutorial 4



Tutorial 5



Tutorial 6


Tutorial 7


Tutorial 8


Tutorial 9

Tutorial 10

Tutorial 11

Tutorial 12

Tutorial 13 (final video)