Twine: The Accessible Digital Tool

Twine can be used for creative interactive storytelling, game-making and more! Twine is a free, open-source tool for designing and writing interactive non-linear digital stories and text-based games that can be run on any common web browser. No coding required… but it’s easy and effective to start adding if you want to!

Twine’s unique creative writing and multimedia storytelling possibilities allow students (and teachers) to explore through choice-based branching storylines.

It also supports a rich library of coding functions that enable additional interactive features. Interactive features can include small story enhancements (such as allowing the reader to customize the name of the main character in the text) or more complex applications allowing the creation of fully playable games, custom educational tools and interactive digital presentations.

Instructor: James Martin   

James Martin is a musician and educator in the Burnaby school district. After having been introduced to Twine through UBC’s Master of Educational Technology Program, James has continued to explore how this platform can be used in educational settings as a flexible and accessible tool for both students and teachers. Currently, James is developing an open Twine-based tool for GPS-enabled place-based learning experiences with mobile devices and is also designing a specialized ADST course with a heavy focus on Twine that will be implemented for intermediate-grade students at Sperling Elementary in the 2022-2023 school year.



March 3, 2022 Workshop Recording

Please visit James’ website for more helpful Twine resources.