Storytelling Through Game Design


Join educator Nathan Lott as he takes you through a three-part storytelling workshop that combines modern game design technology with the oldest teaching tool there is – storytelling. Designed for teachers working with students in grades 3-9, each workshop in the series will be a 2-hour interactive session where participants can talk, troubleshoot as a group, and develop their games together. There will be lots of time to try things out and to ask Nathan questions. Game development will be taught using the platform Makecode Arcade and you will be learning new ideas for lessons you can use right away in your classroom.

Come with zero experience and leave with an interactive story/game and new ideas about lesson development!

Each registrant who attends the entire series will be entered into a draw to win a Pygamer, an interactive handheld device that allows you to play your Makecode Arcade game creations.

Meet your instructor: Nathan Lott

Nathan LottI have been teaching K-12 for about 18 years around BC and abroad and I am 4 years into my position as a Learning Coordinator for School District 20 in the Kootenay Columbia area. I hold a Masters of Educational Technology from the University of British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Education from UVic. I am passionate about introducing new technology and innovative practices into our classrooms at all grade levels. I love working with children to weave coding, gaming, VR/AR, 3D design/printing and physical computing into our bustling classrooms through our district. I have presented and worked with Actua Canada, KAST(Kootenay Association for Science and Tech) and Science World, as well as numerous districts around our province, to help others learn about ADST tools. I have recently been working on bring all levels of video game creation to our students and beyond. This has been through accessible, user friendly game design workshops and classroom visits that range from 2D pixel adventure creations, in primary/middle school, to 3D design challenges, using more advanced engines in our high schools. I see the future as a bright place for game design in our classrooms as we search for new and innovative ways to engage our students in new ways of learning and exploring. When I am not having fun searching out new tech, I enjoy skiing and mountain biking with my wife and two small children in our small mountain town called Rossland.

Session 1:

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Session 2:

Session 3:

Solutions to common issues that came up during the workshops:

Problem with the correct tile map:

Problem with the level resetting to first: