Early Coding Without Computers

Coding is simply creating step-by-step instructions to follow and early learners are coding everyday when they do things like clean their teeth, get dressed to go outside, or travel from home to child care! In this workshop, we will explore fun ways to introduce young children to coding through stories, dance, cooking, games, nature’s life cycles and treasure hunts without them ever having to go near a computer screen or tablet.


Meet your instructor: Wendy Lorch

Wendy Lorch is the Early Learning Specialist at Science World, responsible for The Wonder Gallery; a space dedicated to under 5s, Preschool Curiosity Club; a parent-participation program and Big Science for Little Hands; professional development workshops for early educators. She has a background in early learning, Kindergarten and primary grades, science program development and adult workshop facilitation, having delivered a wealth of educator workshops across B.C.





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Science World – Early Coding – slide deck

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