Decentering Whiteness Session 1 Resources

Welcome to the overview session of Decentering Whiteness

Keynote facilitator

Alpha Kirabira/Help Change my City​

Kirabira is the founder of the Help Change My City Alliance, a registered charity that offers support, mentorship and skills training to the Lower Mainland’s homeless, marginalized and at-risk youth.


Session Recording

Main book discussed

  • Lindqvist, S. (1996). Exterminate all the brutes. London: New Press.​​

Multimodal resources

Secondary Reading:

  • Hochschild, A. (1998/2006). King Leopold’s Ghost


  • Mzwakhe Mbuli: Change is Pain. 


Here are some movies you may want to look at with highlighted sections. 

  • Blonde Savage (1947) from minute 17:40 to 22:40.

  • Tarzan’s Revenge (1938)(from 1:00:00 to 1:06:34)

  • Raol Peck (2021). Exterminate all the Brutes. (HBO Trailer) 


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